Bethesda Charitable Trust is a non-profitable charitable organisation founded in the year 2004 upon a vision to our Founder to help and support leprosy-affected brothers and sisters who are usually not looked upon by the society. From then on we have been providing utmost help by providing them with good food, clothes, bedsheets also assist them with financial support to cover educational expenses for their children, medical expenses and much other help.

Yearly, during the second week of December, we conduct our Annual Charity event where we gather all the lepers in one place. We entertain them with cultural events and also provide them with good food, clothes, bedsheets, umbrellas and many other gifts along with a small sum of money to cover their transportation expenses. We started with around 50 leprosy people in the year 2004 and slowly grew to about 800 people in the year 2018. Additionally, during this event, we also invite around 100 deaf and dumb, over 50 blind people and also provide support to over 100 deaf and dumb children.


Furthermore, we wish to grow our charity to provide even more help by building shelters, conducting regular medical camps, conduct specialised training in skills like tailoring, typing etc. to help them find a sustainable source of income to support their family. We also focus on building schools to provide good education and also help the children of the victims to peruse their dreams in different sectors. 


Bethesda Charitable Trust is an Indian Government recognised non-profitable organization which is registered under section 12AA. We also provide income tax exemption under section 80G for all your donations.

All of this vision would not be possible without your help and generous support. Please feel free to donate generously towards this noble cause so we can bring life to thousands of leprosy victims around the world.

Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good

-James Russell Miller

Our Mission

To provide help and support to lepers and to give generously to underprivileged people of the community to help them grow and sustain.


Our Vision

To bring a ray of hope to those who

think they have lost the light and

to make them shine brighter than ever before.

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